NYC’s Wall Street occupiers: Different actions, common goals


Occupy Wall Street is going strong into it’s second month, despite the unusual snowy weather in NYC.  The protesting continues as individuals find interesting and unique ways to get their messages across.  Corporate greed, social and economic inequality and the lack of jobs are among the many issues being protested in cities around the country.  New York City’s Zuccotti Park is flooded with people, from protesters rallying and marching throughout the city, to children handing out informative literature about the occupation.  Many people hold signs with creative slogans and others play instruments.

Nicholas Schneider stands alongside his wife, and together they distribute orange pieces of mesh.  Take your pick, you can have an orange mesh neck tie or arm band, or anything else Schneider makes with the material.  Schneider says he taking the mesh, which was used to corral protesters and turning into a peace symbol.  In essence, he is taking the enemies weapon and using it against them.

Nicholas Schneider and his wife handing out mesh at Zuccotti Park, NYC.

“Frivolity…with a slight serious side!” Schneider said.

Schneider has not been occupying the park continuously, but shows up periodically to show support and participate.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal, distributed by volunteers around Zuccotti Park, NYC



Occupiers stand strong

All the other occupants still seem hopeful and high-spirited, aside from the fact that Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered their generators to be removed.  In the mean time, they have organized and printed two different journals including The Occupied Wall Street Journal, which explain the overall views and desires of the protesters. Volunteers are working hard to distribute them among the public. The occupants are standing their ground, literally.  This is a common ground, with a common goal, and every individual making an attempt to effect change.


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